April 13, 2017



Key words Centeredness, calm, balance, moderation, grounding

Element Earth

Chakra All


Dolomite is an excellent stone for achieving calm, centeredness and balance. It emanates a vibrational pattern which brings the human energy field into its normal homeostasis. Holding a piece of Dolomite, one’s auric field naturally fills in any gaps, purges itself of negative energies, pulls in any overextended plumes and goes into its optimal form.


Dolomite acts like a ‘reset’ button on one’s emotions as well. It is the very essence of moderation. It softness negative emotions like anger and fear and also reins in excessive passions. It takes the allure away from unrealistic fantasies, without detracting from one’s enthusiasm for one’s true purpose. It tends to deflate the ego, making it a useful stone for almost everyone, and especially for those working in meditation practices, in which the ego is one’s main obstacle.


Dolomite is a good stone to place in the environment and can provide a beneficial influence around children. It can help counteract moodiness and other symptoms of ‘raging hormones.’ With smaller children, it supports an environmental ambience of calm and security which may reduce the likelihood of nightmares, tantrums and other emotional extremes.


For those who become ‘spacey’ when working with high-energy stones, Dolomite can provide a useful ‘home base’ for grounding and centering.


Dolomite is an excellent healing stone for physical toxicity and illness. Dolomite energetically supports self-healing through energetically detoxifying the liver and eliminating heavy metals from the body. It is an excellent support for weight loss, as it assists in regulating metabolism and appetite and supports one in acting in a loving way toward one’s body. It can help overcome harmful behaviours and habits and so is a great support in detoxifying from alcohol, drugs and tobacco use.


Dolomite helps one remain cheerful while doing necessary chores. It reminds us to put our hearts into each of our tasks, as an expression of the energy of Spirit that exists even in the most mundane experiences. Dolomite opens the heart and allows one to appreciate the small gifts and miracles that occur every day. It is a stone of humility, patience, constancy, and loyalty to one’s path. It can help those who have trouble seeing projects through to completion, or who tend to be resentful of having to perform ‘petty’ or ‘menial work.


Dolomite’s steady and powerful vibration reveals the constancy of Spirit’s presence and the wonder of every part of reality. It teaches us that often the fireworks are shown to those who are just beginning on their path in order to encourage more growth. Once some maturity is attained, these spiritual ‘magic shows’ are no longer necessary, because life and experience themselves become miraculous. Dolomite assists one in perceiving such ‘mundane’ miracles and the presence of Spirit in every moment.



Dolomite teaches us that the is nowhere to go. You already are all that will ever be. You simply need to stop and allow yourself to be your full self. There is nothing that you need to do in order to ‘become’ spiritual. You are already It. Therefore, everything you do and everything you experience is a part of that spiritual reality. Dolomite teaches us to stop expecting miracles and to begin experiencing them in each moment.



Dolomites lens a calming, serene energy to the emotional body. It enables us to see how much of our emotional experience is created by our attachment to being entertained by the drama of life. Its energy allows one to detach from that drama and experience the calm perspective that allows us to perceive the miracles that are ever-present. Dolomite stimulates the heart centre, allowing one to experience love, compassion and appreciation.



Dolomite is excellent for physical detoxification. It supports the healing of bones and can assist in preventing bone loss. It balances metabolism and appetite, thus supporting natural weight management. It is soothing to the nervous system and can reduce stress.



I sit in stillness – calm, balanced, centered and whole.