April 13, 2017



Key words Release of negativity, embracing positive patterns, attraction of what one emanates

Element Earth, Water

Chakras All


Epidote is a stone which tends to bring one more of what one already has, in accordance with one’s highest good. For example, if one is filled with love and generosity, working with Epidote will bring more of these traits into one’s life, both within the self and coming to one from others.


When used consciously and programmed to enhance specific desired outcomes, Epidote can be a very powerful tool. It can be used to create abundance and prosperity, to attract new loving relationships, to catalyse the creative process, etc. Yet one must always contain at least the seed of what one is trying to attract. If one desires prosperity (generosity from the Universe), one must act generously. If one wants love, one must be loving, and so forth. Epidote does not provide a ‘free ride’, yet it can be of great assistance to those prepared to give a little of what they wish to receive.


Epidote is helpful in overcoming habitual negativity, hopelessness, fatalism and other destructive emotional patterns. It assists one in perceiving the positive in any given situation and in finding ways to transform one’s reality to create a more positive experience. Epidote generates hope for the future and a willingness to pursue one’s dreams. It encourages one to take action to transform the density in one’s life to reflect a higher, more aligned reality. It can aid those who feel stuck in their current reality find ways to take action or create movement.



Epidote teaches one to raise the vibration of one’s thoughts, words and actions so one’s physical reality can be transformed. It lovingly reveals were one is holding negative patterns or wilfully indulging in negativity as a way to protect oneself emotionally. It can assist in raising the frequency of denser matter to more enlightened levels.



Epidote assists in releasing patterns of negativity from the emotional body. It can help those who habitually use judgment, sarcasm, ‘wit’ or other expressions of negativity to raise the energy of their emotional bodies to more positive, enlightened levels. It helps one overcome hopelessness and depressed emotional states and lends one a sense of optimism.



Epidote immediately raises the vibrations in areas that are congested, filled with debris, or overly dense. It can help one find the core patterns behind physical disease and can assist one in moving into a hopeful and positive emotional state to support general healing. It is excellent for working on cancerous tumours, cystitis, fibrosis and similar manifestations.



I release my negative habits and embrace the positive, knowing that I reap what I sow.