Picture Jasper

April 13, 2017



Key words Inner journeying to sacred sites and ancient civilizations, connecting with Earth’s consciousness

Element Earth

Chakras Third Eye (6th), Root (1st)


Picture Jasper can be used as a portal through which one can connect with the energy of sacred places during mediation.

Picture Jasper is a stone of dream work and visioning. It can be used to view the history of the Earth and humanity’s ancient past. It acts as a the ‘third eye of the Earth’, allowing one to gain access to the vast records stored within the planets’ mineral data banks.



Picture Jasper allows one to tune in to power spots through the Earth’s electromagnetic field and energy systems. It can help one resonate with the energies of distant places and times through Earth’s record-keeping system.



Disconnection from the consciousness of the Earth is one of the most pernicious effects of modern human culture. It has created myriad negative effects on the environment and the human psyche. Picture Jasper helps one emotionally reconnect to the energy of the planet and to the ancient knowledge of living in balance that is so necessary at this time.



Picture Jasper supports bone growth and healing.



I am one with the energy, history, substance and future of the Earth. I travel through inner space and time to discover sacred knowledge, and I use the fruits of my journeys for the highest good of all.