Inner Fire

£ 49.00

This handmade bracelet is made with Agate Cornelian, Blue Agate, Malachite, Citrine, Amazonite and Malachite.

Its a beautiful bracelet which can help bring vitality, inner fire with balance and calmness. Really gorgeous!

Citrine – Manifestation, clarity of thought, magnifies power of will. Helps maintain direction when difficult. Enhances stamina and energy.

Agate Cornelian – Courage, motivation, enhances passion, love and desire. Confidence, drive and sense of community. Protects against envy, rage and resentment – yours and from others and encourages a love of life. Restores lost vitality.

 Amazonite – First step towards inner and outer peace. Express one’s truth, bringing harmony. Helpful for those who are out of touch with their truth. When someone doesn’t know what they want, or what they feel, it gives clarity.

Malachite – Healed heart. Maintains emotional balance. Powerful ally for those who are trapped in waiting for their reality to change. It can assist one in perceiving the cracks in the walls that blocks one’s progress, so one can utilize one’s will to break through limitations, barriers and apathy.

One bracelet £49 – Three bracelets £123  (3rd bracelet 50% off)

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