Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

In 1991, I started my journey of travelling. My soul was always a soul for the world, with a desire and passion to know and be a part of the globe.

I spent 3 years in Israel, going back to Brazil afterwards and joining one of the leading courses at the Fashion University in Rio de Janeiro.

My passion for inner beauty and expression through fashion flowered. I began to consolidate one of my major mottos: it doesn’t really matter what you wear, if you are confident and happy, you are dressed in gold!

Afterwards it was a whirlwind between Geneva, Rio and Florianopolis.

So many different cultures yet everywhere, people felt the same way – everyone wanted to feel beautiful, special, confident and loved. And the length people went to achieve it .... wow!

I started looking into some Brazilian designers whilst in Geneva but it was all very non-consequential.

In 2001, finally finding my path with my inspirational mentor and beloved teacher - Karen Berg, I moved to LA and from there three years later to London, where I met my husband and had three children, settling down to some degree…

REBECCA WINCH was born in London from a pure desire to bring back the joyful, light, strong experiences as a teenager in Rio. An innate desire to share my experiences and journey pushed me to bring this out to you! Realizing that London is an exquisite and unique place to live, but I could still help adding ‘joie de vivre’, color, light and passion.

My idea is that everyone who touches, lives and comprehends REBECCA WINCH can connect to a greater happiness, fullfilment and confidence, someone who at least has found a true personal path of transformational.

Hence here I am, sharing all I have experienced, my concept, my soul, my life!

Hope you enjoy it!

Rebecca Winch

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